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David Harvey, 희망이란

My favourite line from Balzac is “hope is a memory that desires” and that was
how I wrote Spaces of Hope, around that idea. Everybody has a memory, but memory
csan become nostalgia when it’s left on its own; nostalgia is not hope. Hope is
memory that’s mobilized around desire. So the question is what do we desire and
how do we want to desire it? For me, that is the crucial aspect of everything we do.
So if I focus on Balzac, to whom I return again and again, I might conclude, “wow,
yeah, that’s what’s it about, I desire things, but I can not do this absent of the
memory.” As Walter Benjamin says about memory, “memory is not history, its
something that flashes up, in moments of danger,” it somehow or other animates
things. And actually that’s where revolutions come from — that is my theory of
revolution if you want to put it that way.


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