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InfoQ: Charles Simonyi on Intentional Software

InfoQ: Charles Simonyi on Intentional Software

간만에 시모니 아저씨 인터뷰가 올라왔길래 반가움에 들어갔다가 ‘Intentional Software’란 새로운 용어 하나 배웠다.

Q : What is the vision of Intentional Software for someone who doesn’t know anything about it?
A : The most important thing for us is to separate the problem from the program, the description of the problem that is contributed by domain experts in form of domain code, using the domain workbench and then to use generative techniques to create the program that will run on that computer.

천재 개발자들은 DSL 영역에서 놀고 있구나 …

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