망해가는 Agile 팀의 징후

원문 : AGILE /SCRUM Fails to get to grips with Human Psychology

  • The Project Managers / ScrumMasters turned themselves into Project Administrators.
  • The project teams had in almost all cases been taken over by strong personalities leading to mini dictatorships.
  • Knowledge Monopolies.
  • Resource Management had vanished.
  • Having had a taste of freedom the dictators were a hateful and aggressive bunch when asked about their managers / ScrumMasters.
  • Most of the talented young development staff were leaving.
  • Each of these organisations had differing development approaches and tools from project to project.
  • Clients fed up with never-ending, continuous involvement in IT projects.

뭐 잘 모르겠지만 사람이란 요소를 잊어서 실패했다는 점에서 AGILE /SCRUM 과 맑스의 공산주의를 동일하다고 이야기하는 것은 좀 오버다 싶다.


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