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Core principles of Agile Web Design

  • Design the system not the surface
  • Design as evolutionary and user-driven
  • There is no page, only pathways
  • Rapid and iterative over final
  • Simplicity over complexity
  • Collaborative and open design

– from [The Agile Web Design Manifesto, An Introduction]

각 내용에 대해서는 나중에 하나씩 상세히 논해보도록 하겠다.


One thought on “Core principles of Agile Web Design

  1. Hey Tzara,
    going by the tag line “Think for yourself, Question Authority” what is the consequence of this Valentine’s day manifesto? What is the meaning of this link without comment?
    I have been searching for useful follow through on this most interesting of ideas, especially with the advent of SCRUM in the mainstream, and am most dissapointed to find none that I would deem constructive. How sad to find butterfiles instead of bees.
    Have you no thoughts on this yourself? I’d be interested to know.

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