SOA 의 핵심은 Incremental integration

SOA 성공을 위한 7가지 원칙과 SOA에 관한 7가지 오해. 공통된 핵심은 결국 “incremental integration

via “The Ronan Bradley Weblog

  1. Minimize costs of disruption
  2. Integrate incrementally
  3. Reduce coding
  4. Use industry standards wherever possible
  5. Accept the things you cannot change
  6. Understand the strategic value
  7. Buy – don’t build

from : “Seven Principles Of SOA Success” (pdf)

  1. Viewing SOA as a global, enterprise-scale project involving the entire enterprise.
  2. Looking to a single vendor to offer very complete SOA solutions.
  3. Assuming that SOA will automatically grow out of a primordial soup of Web services.
  4. Build it, and they will come.
  5. Assuming that businesspeople don’t, or won’t, understand SOA.
  6. Assuming that IT people don’t, or won’t understand the business.
  7. Treating SOA as something far superior to a mere mortal “project.”

from : “Seven Greatest SOA Mistakes


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