2006년에 주목해야 할 10가지 트랜드

요즘은 스크랩으로만 하게 되는군. 오늘까지만 이러구 블로그 본연의 모습(?)을 회복해 보자구.
전문은 McKinsey Quarterly 의 “Ten trends to watch in 2006” 참조.

Macroeconomic trends 

  1. Centers of economic activity will shift profoundly, not just globally, but also regionally – Asia will overtake Europe economically, although the U.S. will have the largest economic growth for the next 20 years.
  2. Public-sector activities will balloon, making productivity gains essential – Aging populations are creating demand for public services, which in turn will increase taxes.
  3. The consumer landscape will change and expand significantly – Consumer spending power in emerging economies is growing. Here in the U.S., the Hispanic consumer is growing.

Social & environmental trends

  1. Technological connectivity will transform the way people live and interact – The article notes, “For perhaps the first time in history, geography is not the primary constraint on the limits of social and economic organization.”
  2. The battlefield for talent will shift – A global labor market is opening up.
  3. The role and behavior of big business will come under increasingly sharp scrutiny.
  4. Demand for natural resources will grow, as will the strain on the environment.

Business & industry trends

  1. New global industry structures are emerging – According to the article, “In many industries, a barbell-like structure is appearing, with a few giants on top, a narrow middle, and then a flourish of smaller, fast-moving players on the bottom. ”
  2. Management will go from art to science. Gut instinct management is dead, the authors say. I say, “maybe.”
  3. Ubiquitous access to information is changing the economics of knowledge – Think open-source knowledge creation.

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