The Laws of Motivation

  1. We have to be Motivated to Motivate
    • If you want to motivate another person, you have to be motivated yourself.
  2. Motivation Requires a Goal
    • We must be looking forward to something and so goals and objectives must be set.
  3. Motivation, Once Established, Never Lasts
    • We must all understand what really demotivates us and then take steps to prevent it happening as frequently as possible.
  4. Motivation Requires Recognition
    • It takes a ‘big thinking’ person to give another a compliment.
  5. Participation Motivates
    • Sell your ideas. Don’t just tell them. Get your people to embrace them.
  6. Seeing Ourselves Progressing Motivates Us
    • It’s the fear of wondering what else can go wrong or can happen that causes the demotivated feeling.
  7. Challenge Only Motivates If You Can Win
    • Those who should be participating must believe that they have a chance to win
  8. Everybody Has a Motivational Fuse
    • You must understand that everybody does have a fuse and they can be sparked into life.
  9. Group Belonging Motivates
    • But do accept that group belonging motivates people.



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