Gartner’s CIO Resolutions for 2006

IT 버블 붕괴 이 후 제 2의 internet revolution 을 예상하면서 2008년까지의 이행 계획을 수립하고 새로운 비즈니스 모델 수립을 준비함과 (교육을 통해) 역량과 자신의 브랜드를 다질 것 등을 조언하고 있는 것 같습니다. 핵심적인 혁신 사안은 2008년 까지 미루라는데 왜 그런지는 잘 모르겠네요. 현재 회사에서 진행하고 있는 PI 는 어떻게 해야 될까나? ^^;

Choose 2006 tactics towards a 2008 strategy
1. Educate your business about the second internet revolution (before someone else does)
2. Set some ‘do not migrate’ orders in advance
3. Target 2008 for major innovation delivery

Insist on agility – in the heart of the organisation
4. Get yourself and your team ready for your next jobs
5. Start a significant ‘software as a service’ implementation as a trial and education
6. Organise your merger and acquisition capability

Push beyond 2005 comfort zones – in value focus and technology
7. Revisit capitalisation with your chief financial officer (CFO)
8. Build your brand and your team
9. Refresh your meetings with the chief executive officer (CEO)
10. Check out some 2006 ‘hot’ technologies


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