Back to Basics in Web Design

巯Ŀ ‘ȿ’ ‘ȿ’ մϴ.
‘Back to Basics’ ΰ п ߾ ‘ȿ’ ϴ ̶ ְ.

¼ Ÿϴٰ Ҹġ Basic ϴ ϳ Jakob Nielsen Top 10 Web Design Mistakes of 2005” ̶ ϴ.
״ ̿ “Basic” ϸ ϰմϴ.

There’s much talk about new fancy “Web 2.0” features on the Internet industry’s mailing lists and websites, as well as at conferences. But users don’t care about technology and don’t especially want new features. They just want quality improvements in the basics

ħ Wired ѱ Ʈ 2.0 簡 ö ( “ 2.0 ü” )
ش 翡 1.0 ŷ ̾ٸ, 2.0 ü Ǹ ҽϴ.  鿡 “Basic” ȯ ϴ ̶ Jakob Nielsen ǰ ҼؽƮ(SocialText) CEO ν ʵ(Ross Mayfield) ȭ ?


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